Friday, March 12, 2010

An old poem... Threes

Mind droppings.
The number '3'' -- an old poem.
Remember the "tree poem" ?

"To be sung by Niels Bohr"

I think that I shall never see
A number lovelier than 3;
For Three is less than Six or Four
And than 1 it's slightly more.

All things in nature come in 3s,
Like therefores, trios, Q.E.D.s;
While dollars gain more dignity
If augmented 3 x 3 --

A Three whose slender curves are pressed
By banks, for compound interest;
Oh, would that, paying loans or rent,
My rates were only 3%!

3^2 expands with rapture free,
And reaches toward ∞;
3 compliments each x and y,
And intimately lives with π.

A circle's number of degrees
Are best divided up by threes
But wrapped in dim obscurity
Is the √-3.

Atoms are split by men like me,
But only God is 1 in 3.

PS: in symbolic logic and discourse, the 'therefore' or 'QED' statement is symbolize by a triangle of three dots, like:

QED is Latin, often quoted at the end of a proof or demonstration, meaning:

Q.E.D. is an acronym of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, which means "that which was to be demonstrated".

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